Managing your finances has never been easier!

Set a realistic budget

Adjust your budget according to your real expenses and also discover the unnecessary expenses that are emptying your pockets. Identify your gaps and modify your budget according to reality.

Short on time

Give your finances 20 minutes a week and let yourself go further than you ever imagined. Save up to $5,000 per year using Budget Express.

More than a Budget

Budget Express is the ideal tool for managing different projects, co-ownership syndicates, estates or even for self-employed workers wanting an easy-to-use and economical tool.

Vision your future

Validate your ability to make an expense or borrow. Nothing could be simpler, create the operations and project yourself into the future with the calendar or analyses.

Our features

Budget Express users love these features which make Budget Express the ideal tool for taking control of your finances.

Creation Wizard

Create your budget easily with the help of the creation wizard. Designed to guide you step by step to make your job easier. Choose from hundreds of budget sub-items to clearly identify your operations.


The calendar

Track your budget forecasts day by day, giving you absolute control over your finances. But that’s not all, you can also anticipate the future, setting the stage to achieve your financial aspirations. Don’t let doubt interfere in your financial life, be prepared with a calendar that guides you towards a financial future more promising than ever.

The Analysis

The main strength of Budget Express lies in the powerful tools for analyzing your operations. Produce summary or detailed analyzes of your transactions, your bank balances, your credit cards, your investments, etc. Need to generate a report to give to your accountant for your taxes? We thought about it, Budget Express is that too.