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Is Budget Express available for Windows ?

Yes, it’s available on Windows: (Tested on Win 7, 8 or 10)

Is Budget Express available for Mac?

Yes, for OS versions V 10.8 and over

Is Budget Express available for Linux

Not in the plans, not enough demand.

Is Budget Express available for a tablet (IOS or Android)

The tablet version is in development right now.

Is Budget Express available for smartphones (IOS or Android)

The mobile version is in development right now.

Is Budget Express available on a CD ?

Yes,  you can purchase the CD here, or at Staples and Best Buy (coming soon).

What payment methods are accepted to purchase Budget Express ?

You can pay for Budget Express through our secure server by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

What browsers can be used to download Budget Express ?

The browsers supported are Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer (Edge).

How many installations of Budget Express are allowed with my licence ?

Your activation code lets you install Budget Express up to three times.

I purchased Budget Express for Mac and when I install the software the first time I receive a message that I already install the program more the 3 times.

The solution resides on how the program is installed. After the downloaded file is decompressed in the Download folder, copy the program (Piggy bank icon) into the Application folder THEN enter your code and email address.

I downloaded the trial version, I wish to buy the complete version, will it be possible to keep the data I entered in the trial version?

Yes, the best way is to go in the trial version and click on the top right menu, click buy. When you receive your activation code by email, enter the code directly in that space, you will have the complete software with your trial data.

Is there any other cost related to the licence of Budget Express ?

No, Budget Express updates are free and there is no other charge to use Budget Express 5.0 basic edition. More specialized features could be developed and offered at a cost in the future.

Is Budget Express available on the cloud ?

The current 5.0 version is only available for install on a PC or Mac. You will be happy to know that a cloud version of Budget Express is in development.

What type of file does Budget Express use for bank and credit card reconciliation?

Bank reconciliation in Budget Express is performed using files with the extension QFX(Quicken), OFX(Money) or CSV(Excel). For more detail, please review the online help about bank reconciliation in Budget Express.

How many budget can I create with one copy of Budget Express?

There is no limit on how many different budget files you can to use with one copy of Budget Express. Review the online help on how to create a new budget from an existing one.

Is it recommended to backup the database  ?

Yes, it’s always important to backup your database file and keep it in a safe place. To prevent data loss,the information is automatically saved to the database after each operation. the procedure will be available very soon.

Will there be updates available for Budget Express?

Yes, you will be told of upcoming updates from the Budget Express blog or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +)

Can I use Budget Express for my company’s budget ?

Yes, the current version is mostly intended for personal and family budgets, but it’s very easy to use Budget Express in a small business setting. The procedure is coming soon.
A small business edition of Budget Express should be available in 2018-2019.

How can I get help for Budget Express ?

First, you can access the user guide. Budget Express post lots of blog articles to help with certain features or processes of the program.

You can email to


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we will reimburse Budget Express if you can’t install or use Budget Express for technical reasons.

We offer a free trial version so that users can get familiar with the system and see if it meets its needs, before they purchase Budget Express.

Can I add my own icons ?

No, not in the version available right now.

How can I retrieve my activation code if I lost it ?

Should you lose the activation code BE 5.0, please send an email to with the object, « activation code lost ». Support will send your code as soon as possible. You can install Budget Express three times with the same code.