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About (Import/Export database)

You can have access to this screen from the little fellow button 

From this screen you have access to the database and application version. Both versions should be the same.


From the About screen you can export your database. This feature is used to do a backup copy of your database or is often used if you wish to work on the same database on two or more computers.

Click on the    button to search for the directory to place your database file. The database file is called “database.db”. You can export the file on your computer, a USB key or a path in the cloud (Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox, etc.). See the documentation on “How to work with Budget Express from multiple computers”.

You will receive the message “Your export was successfully registered” when the exportation will be done.

To import the database, click on the  button. Find the directory where the database file (database.db) is placed. Click on the “database.db” to import the file. Answer “Yes” to the question  to allow the importation.

Important : When you import the database file, the file imported will replace the file already in place on your computer.

After the importation is complete, the software will open in the budget that was last used when the file was exported.