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Backup copy

Backup copy

Here is a video explaining the process.

There are two important steps to backup your database and budgets. The first step is done only once, at the beginning, then only step 2 may be done.

1 – You need to export your database file. The function is available from the “About” screen. This step is done only if you ever need to install the software again and you wish to restore your database and .”bud” file.

Click on   to access the “About” screen.

The database file is called “database.db”. When you click on  , you will need to choose the directory you wish to export and keep the file to. You will receive the message “Your export was successfully registered” when the exportation will be done.

2 – To save your budget file, use the icons  to create a backup file. The file is saved by budget, not the entire database (if you have more than one budget). The file will have the extension .bud.

Click on the icon  Up Arrow to create your backup copy. Enter the name you wish to have for this copy, the extension will be .bud. You can copy the file on any device, USB, flash drive or on a “cloud” directory like Google Drive or Dropbox.

To restore a backup files, you MUST be in the budget you wish to restore. Click on the icon Down Arrow and find your budget file with extension .bud. If you are not in the same budget that you are trying to restore, you will get the error message : 

Database backup copy (PC only)

Each time Budget Express is opened, a backup file of the database file is created. This function will help if your database is corrupted while you’re working in Budget Express. A corrupted file can happen if your computer crashes while Budget Express is open.

The file is created every time you open Budget Express. It replaced the next time you open Budget Express. We don’t keep a history of each time Budget Express is open, only the last one.

The data in the file represent the data when you open Budget Express, if you enter any new data and the computer crashes, if you need to replace the file, the data will not have the new data entered after the last opening.

The backup file is kept in the same directory of the main database file and is named database.bck.