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Budget Categories


The budget categories are used to group similar operations in reports and analyses. Every sub-category is linked to a budget category.

Operations are only performed on sub-categories.

Links can be modified at all time.

By default, Budget Express suggests a list of budget categories, but you can add your own.

Every type of operation (income, expense, account, credit, savings and loan) is linked to a series of budget categories. Click a category to expand the list of associated budget categories.

Click on the operation name to see the list of categories

Name: Name of the budget category. That information is displayed in reports, analysis and with the link of one sub-category to a budget category.

Description : Enter a longer description,  No description is entered by default. Click Edit to provide one.

The Edit button also allows the user to modify other budget category information (name, description, logo).

Click Delete to delete the active budget category. Note that a budget category linked to a sub-category cannot be deleted. First remove the link then deletes.

New Budget Category

Click Add to create a new budget category for the selected type of operation.

Name (required):  Enter the name of the new budget category.

Description (optional):  Enter a description for the new budget category when needed.

Click  to add a logo to this category.

Click Save to save the new category.

Click Cancel if you do not wish to save the new category.

Add an operation 

Use the 3 vertical point button to add an operation to the active type for the selected budget category. See Operations for more information on every type of operation available in Budget Express.