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User profile

First name (required): Enter the main user’s first name or surname

Last name (required): Enter the main user’s last name.

Email (optional): Enter the main user’s first email address. In a latter version the email will serve to communicate with Budget Express customer support.

Phone (optional): Enter the main user’s phone number.

Language (required): French and English are the available languages. By default, the language of the operating system used to download Budget Express is selected by default.

Currency (required): Select the default currency of transactions within Canadian dollars (factory default), US dollar, British pound, euro or Brazilian Real.

Budget List

The screen is available when the user selects an existing budget. It allows the user to change budget, its name or its description or to create, modify or remove a password.

Budget Parameters

Active allows the user to work a new budget. Select Yes to change budget. There is always one Active budget in Budget Express.

Name is the name given to the budget when it was created. The information is editable.

Description is the description entered when the budget was created. The information is editable.

Protect allows the user to create a password to restrict access to the budget. When the flag is set to No, no password was created; select Yes to set a password.

When the indicator is set to Yes, the budget is password-protected. Click the Pen  to change it.

Warning : Your password is personal. It is encrypted in the database. Budget Express Customer Support cannot help you retrieve your password should you forget it.

Current : Enter the current password in order to replace it.

New : Enter the new password. There are no requirements when it comes to creating a password.

Confirm : Enter the new password again to confirm the change.

Click Apply Modifications to save the budget parameters. To exit without saving, click the X icon in the upper right corner.

Backup copy

To save your budget file, use the icons to create a backup file. The file is saved by budget, not the entire database (if you have more than one budget). The file will have the extension .bud.

Click on the icon  to create your backup copy. Enter the name you wish to have for this copy, the extension will be .bud. You can copy the file on any device, USB, flash drive or on a “cloud” directory like Google Drive or Dropbox.

To restore a backup files, you MUST be in the budget you wish to restore. Click on the icon  and find your budget file with extension .bud. If you are not in the same budget that you are trying to restore, you will get the error message : .

New budget

Use the Profile screen bottom right  icon to create a new budget. There is two ways of creating a new budget. From scratch (add a budget) using the budget wizard or from a previous budget file (Copy a budget).

Add a budget

Click Add a Budget to start a new budget from scratch. Click Yes to the question Do you really want to start a new budget and the entry wizard will start and you can begin a new budget. See the entry wizard documentation  for more information.

Copy a budget

Copying a budget allows the user to create a budget from the operations of an existing budget, including reconciled data from a specified date. Every programmed and reconciled operations from the specified date will be created in the new budget. Earlier data will be ignored but remains in the budget file used for the copy.

The procedure is useful to reduce the size of your files as well as saving the budgets past. The budget used for the copy is kept in the profile for quick access.

The entry wizard is obviously unavailable once the copy is made.

To create a budget from an existing file, click on Copy a budget.

After clicking Copy a Budget, you will be redirected to the profile to select the source budget.

Name (required) : Enter the name given the budget

Description (required)  :  Enter a longer description for your new budget.

Protect (Y/N) : Allows the user to create a password to restrict access to the budget.

Select No and you move on to the next step (date). Select  to add a password.

Warning: The password is personal and is encrypted in the database. Budget Express Customer Support cannot retrieve the password. You would then have to start over.

New:  Enter your password, there is no requirements on the number or type of digits you can use.

Confirm: Enter the password again to confirm.

New Budget Starts On

The selection of a date is an essential step. Every entry on or ulterior to that date, including reconciled data, is copied to the new budget. Earlier data are ignored, but are kept in the original file.

Options are

Current Date

January 1st of the current year

January 1st of the next year

Select a date. The calendar is displayed to allow the user to pick a budget starting date.

Important note, when you copy a budget, every account, credit, savings or loan balances will be set to zero. You will need to make a balance adjustment for each operation if needed.