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Sub-categories are used to identify operations. Every operation is associated to a sub-category such as income, expenses, bank accounts, credit cards, savings or loan.

Every sub-category is related to a budget category.

Name: Name of the budget sub-category by default.

Description: Description of the budget sub-category. By default, none is created. Use the Edit button to enter a new description for an existing sub-category.

Click Edit to modify the sub-category information (name, description, logo).

Click Delete to suppress a budget sub-category. Note that you cannot delete a sub-category which is linked to an operation. First delete the transaction associated to the sub-category.

New Budget Sub-Category

Click Add to create a new budget sub-category.

Name (required): Enter the name of the new sub-category for this operation.

Description (optional): Enter a longer description, if necessary, for this new sub-category.

Click  to add a logo to the active sub-category from the Budget Express list.

Click Save to record the new sub-category.

Click Cancel to exit the creation without saving.

Add an Operation

Click the btton three vertical point to add an operation to the active budget sub-category. See Operations for more information on each type of operation in Budget Express.