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Name (required) : Name of the budget you will be working on. The name of the budget is displayed at the top of the screen.

Description (required) :  Complete description  of your budget.

Protect (Y/N) (optional) : Allows you to protect your budget with a password. Click  to add a password. Important, the password is personal and cannot be seen, modified, or deleted by customer support. Be careful not to lose this password because you will lose your budget and will have to start over.

New:  Enter your password, there is no restriction on the number or type of digits you can use.

Confirm: Enter the password again to confirm.

The new budget will begin

Choose the starting date for your budget. This date is very important, you will not be able to enter an operation before that date.

The starting date by default is the current date. You could rather select start of the previous year or select the desired date using the Choose a date option.

The date entered will be the default date when entering operations.