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The income wizard allows you to select income sub-categories you want presented in your budget. Click on the category, ex. Pay and Benefits to expand the menu and have access to all the income sub-categories. Note that operation data are always entered in the budget sub-category.

To add an income, click in the sub-category box in the left window and use the arrow to add the new income to your income list. You can add more than one sub-category before clicking the arrow.

Click the Pen to enter the income information such as its description, change its icon, the amount, its frequency or the account/credit.

Add a new income using the . See the Create a New Income Sub-Category for more information.

If you chose or created an income by mistake, click the garbage can to remove it from your incomes (but not from the Budget Express suggestion list).

Click Next to go to the expenses menu or Back to return to the credit screen.