My own house: a dream come true!

“(…) BudgetExpress is one of the main reasons why we could realize our dream of owning a house so early in our lives. “

User Profile

Woman, 31 years old, educational technology consultant, mother of a baby, lives with her life Partner since 4 years, co-owner of a house, has an old car, contributes a minimum each year to her RRSP, thinks her debt rate is low (not considering the mortgage!).

I am this BudgetExpress user! I will be writing on this blog about other BudgetExpress enthusiasts and tell you how they make the most out of it.

Why make a budget?

For me, having a budget and following it is a way to make sure my personal finances are on track. I hate loans and I prefer to spend the money that I already have. When I was younger, I used to pay a lot of interests and often saw my bank account near the 0. BudgetExpress is so easy and fun to use, it helps me see the future and make sure that I spend consequently to what I earn.

How I use BudgetExpress

I update my budget about once a week. I have a different file for my personal budget and our joint account. I manually confirm or change each planned expense and income. It takes very little time. For groceries, I plan a global amount each month and I use the planned vs real operations comparison function to monitor it. I love the small graphic that shows the account balance evolving over the years! If it goes up, it’s very encouraging. If it goes down, it means it’s time to change priorities!

A dream come true, thanks to BudgetExpress

Four years ago, my partner and I lived together in an apartment. We were dreaming of having our house built. To make this come true, we had to save a lot of money for the mortgage down payment. We started saving the same amount, less our rent, than the mortgage would cost us each week. Also, we simulated our new budget with the software and decided it would be best to keep our old cars instead of buying new ones. Two years later, our savings (added to the Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)) were enough to get the loan. On top of that, we knew we would have no problem to pay because it was already included in our budget. I really think that BudgetExpress is one of the main reasons why we could realize our dream of owning a house so early in our lives.

Lately, I’ve been saving to be able to start my own small business… I really could talk for hours about BudgetExpress being a part of my life!

Audrey Miller