How to make good use of the trial version?

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The trial version of Budget Express gives you access to all the functionalities of the complete program except for the version 4 conversion for evident reasons. The only limitation is that the trial version lets you create five operations from each type (5 incomes, 5 expenses, etc.). These operations will give you enough data to test the software in its entirety.

Try all these functionalities:

  • Use of the wizard to create your budget
  • Discover the calendar, see all your projected operations.
  • Use of the calendar to add or modify daily operations
  • View of cash flow graph for your bank account and credit cards
  • See how the detailed and summary analysis can help you manage your personal finance.
  • Try the reconciliation functions
  • Analyze your reconciled data versus your planned budget
  • Graphic of your operation by categories in the dashboard
  • How to create and use savings operation
  • How to create and use the loan operations
  • Create or copy new budget
  • Availability of the online help and videos.

Then you will be able to buy and activate the software directly from the program: