Travel and save for retirement at the same time: It’s Possible!

I love to travel every year, even if it’s a modest trip. I plan my budget around this but I also plan some savings for retirement. My budgeting strategy: in moderation, everything is possible!”

User Profile
34 years old man, building systems technician, gets some income from travel allowances, has a young kid, co-owns his house with his life partner, has an old car, actively contributes to RRSP, has no debts aside of mortgage, is quite preoccupied by his financial position when retiring since he has no pension fund.  

Why make a budget?
Making a budget is not a hard task for Bernard. He thinks it’s important to balance his expenses according to his income in order to save for the future. Since he has no pension fund and just started contributing to RRSP a few years ago, he knows the importance of systematic retirement savings. He can plan these payment within the savings account in Budget Express to represent what he really does in his bank account. Furthermore, having an up-to-date budget allows him to plan for long- or short-term projects as well as spontaneous expenses.

How he uses BudgetExpress
Bernard updates his budget about once or twice a week with BudgetExpress. He checks that planned operations are matching those on his bank statement and sometimes uses the account adjustment or the reconciliation function if there are too many changes to do. To get a broad picture of his financial position, he looks at the analysis or the dashboard that show him where his money goes.

Bernard hates to pay monthly transaction fees to his financial institution. To avoid them, he has to maintain a minimum amount of money in his chequing account. BudgetExpress helps him by showing his daily cash flow graphic in the calendar.

Finally, according to him, one of the major advantages of using BudgetExpress is the ability to easily forecast his financial future.

Hassle free travelling thanks to BudgetExpress
Bernard loves to travel. With his partner, he has been two times to Europe and three times to the USA without using credit. Each year, he simply estimates and plans a travelling amount in his budget. He writes it near the departing date in BudgetExpress’ calendar view and organizes his budget around this project. He agrees that the monthly account balance graphic is very helpful in doing so!