Succeed in your finances in 2022

2021 was marked by several unforeseen elements that had a significant impact on our finances. Homebuyers in 2021 had to frequently enter bidding wars, inflation took a big leap, COVID had a big impact on business’ revenues that had to close temporarily. In short, our finances have been affected.

2022 promises to be just as difficult financially for many of us, which is why we must be prepared for these challenges. Here are some tips for a stress-free financial year.

1) Plan your cash inflows
Is your income likely to drop? If the answer is yes, try to make an estimate of this drop and prepare a plan B like the possibility of finding extra income or even reassessment of your future goals. Don’t forget that the first step to good financial health is to have a budget.

2) Control your expenses
Spending control is THE biggest challenge we will face in 2022 due to inflation. We must readjust our expenses regularly, but above all closely monitor them. Review your expenses, analyze them, and adjust your budget or your behavior accordingly.

3) Save
Save even $10 per paycheck. Schedule an automatic deposit into a savings account. Many financial institutions offer this type of account which, in general, is free of charge. If you are afraid of succumbing to the temptation and making withdrawals because the account is visible, use for example Moka, which is an application allowing you to accumulate sums of money in an account other than your financial institution. There are other applications of this kind, I invite you to do some research to find the one that suits you.

4) Enhance your knowledge
There are more and more Facebook groups, journalistic articles, blogs, and TV shows that talk about personal finance. Take 15 to 30 minutes a week to either read a blog, sign up for a workshop (soon to be offered at Budget Express), watch a TV show that talks about a financial topic that interests you, in short, take the time to educate yourself.

5) Be well accompanied
Financial services professionals can really make a difference. They will help you to establish clear objectives, but above all to build and implement a financial plan adapted to your situation. They are important allies for your financial health, they will help you make good financial choices and enrich yourself.
Also know that your financial health has a direct impact on your physical and mental health, prevention is essential in these times of uncertainty.

Katie Lefebvre
Partner of your financial success