Budget Express – 5 Features to Discover

Budget Express is primarily a tool for forecasting income and expenses, which is the main function of a budget.

However, the tool has some useful unknown features. These will be very useful for you to cover all spheres of your personal finances.

Check if you can afford an expense:
With the calendar, you only need to check the impact that an expense will have on your bank balance. In addition, the calendar is also very useful for self-employed people with variable incomes, it is easy to see when our funds will run out.

Adapt the tool according to your income and expense management method:
It is possible to modify the configurations to set up your preferred method of budget management. Take for this example the envelope system, which is a very efficient system, but everyone will have their own way of working with this system. With Budget Express, you can create a main envelope (account), for example, automobile, and in which there will be sub-envelopes such as tires, mechanical maintenance, registrations, insurance, etc.

Estimate the future value of your investments:
With analytics, you can estimate the value of your investment products at a future date. This can, among other things, allow you to keep an eye on your goals such as buying a house, retirement, or children’s education funds.

Control your loans and credit cards:
First, create a payment schedule with the same frequency as your income. Subsequently, with the analyzes you will be able to view the remaining balance for each future payment. You can even add a new loan (loan) to it, in the case of a credit card or line of credit.

Plan your withdrawals:
With Budget Express you can plan the withdrawals that will be made from your savings and investments. Take the example of the RESP, when creating the account in Budget Express, you indicate the payments and the frequency at which the deposits are made, you can indicate the annual return as well. Thereafter, you can plan a withdrawal (use) at a future date, this date corresponding to the estimated date of the start of your child’s post-secondary studies.

Several video clips containing the steps to follow are available on the Budget Express YouTube channel. I invite you to view them to familiarize yourself with the different features of Budget Express to use the tool to its full potential.

Katie Lefebvre
Partner of your financial success