Updates PC

Budget Express Update (2021-01-20 – version 0.0.2020121501)

A new update is available for the Standard version (the Cloud version was updated a couple of weeks ago).

New functionalities:

  • We added, for the “Summary report by category” in the analysis the possibility to regroup all transaction with the same sub-category. When you have used multiple time the same sub-category, the summary report did not show them as separate operations because they were added that way. Now when you click on “By Sub-category” we will add the amount for those (see image).
  • You will now be able to reconcile an amount in multiple sub-category. When you choose a amount from your list (in the left panel), and click on a sub-category in the right panel, you will now be able to enter the amount related to this particular sub-category. The system will calculate the balance in the left panel that you will be able to associate to others sub-category until the amount is totally reconciled.
  • In the reconciliation tool, you now be able to choose multiple amount from your file (in the left panel) and associate them to one sub-category.

Corrections :

  • We corrected a problem in the cash flow graphic (calendar page) that wasn’t changing period after you added an operation (Cloud version only).
  • Corrected the conversion from the Standard version in the Cloud version, when a sub-category used in the Standard version, was deleted.

How to update:

Two methods (we recommend method #1)

Method #1

Close Budget Express.

Download the update

Open Budget Express, the program will update automatically. You will need to close the program to finish the update, then it will open, the program will be updated to the new version.


Method #2

In Budget Express, click

You will automatically be redirected to the page to download Budget Express.

Close Budget Express.

Open Budget Express, the program will update automatically. You will need to close the program to finish the update, then it will open the program will be updated to the new version.


Update number : 003

Date : 2018-07-02

New functionalities:

  • It will be possible to enter adjustment for an account, credit, savings and loan directly from the calendar. The new function will be available using the red button at the right corner of the screen. The date used for the adjustment will be the date chosen in the calendar.
  • All other operations will now be available from the calendar When you click on one of those operation types, you will be able to enter a specific operation:
    • Account (Transfer)
    • Credit (Reimbursement
    • Savings (Payment)
    • Loan (Reimbursement)

If no operation were created (credit, savings or loans) you will be able to create one from that screen.

  • Optimization of the software performance. Particularly when opening the program (about 50% faster) and in the calendar. The optimization in the calendar is very substantial. We found that the cash flow graphic was the main problem when navigating thru the calendar or when creating an operation. Now when you change months you will be asked to update the cash flow graphic if needed.
  • The screen “About” is available to check your software and database version. Also, from this screen, you will be able to import/Export your database (see next point). The screen is available from the little fellow .
  • We added an Import/Export function for the database. This will help users who wish to use Budget Express on more than one computer with the same database. This is an added function to the budget backup copies. This function is available from the “About” screen and when creating a new budget (Import only). See the article on “how to work with Budget Express on multiple computers (coming soon)”.
  • For PC users, the update function will change for the next update. Some users have problem updating because of the different Windows settings. The update will be simplified, you will download the file from our site and install the update. That is the method used for Mac since the beginning and it works fine.
  • We change the name of the sub-categories (Miscellaneous income) “Child tax benefit” to “Canada child tax benefit” and “QST refund” to “Solidarity tax credit”. The changes will be done automatically if you used those sub-categories.

Corrections :

  • It will now be impossible to delete categories or sub-categories, from the settings menu, when that category or sub-category is being used in an operation.
  • Corrected the display (dates) when printing the detailed report by operations in the analysis.
  • We now display all the data in the analysis when the period chosen what superior from the current year.

Update number : 002

Date : 2018-04-26

Download the update from this button

Note: If you have not done update #1, you will need to run the script as shown below, point #5.


  • The function “Refund balance” has been added in the refund operation of a credit card. When you choose to pay the balance every month, the system, will automatically calculate the amount for each planned operation and do the payment at the date indicated. To use this function, go in the credit card under the operation menu, click refunds and indicate “yes” at “Refund balance”. By default, the frequency will be by “Month”.
  • We added an easier navigation function between month/year in the calendar. Click on the month to open the navigation list. You will be able to navigate 4 years (current, 1 years before and 2 years after the current year).
  • When you create a new operation from the calendar (Red button in the right corner), the date chosen, by default, will be the date you were positioned in the calendar. When you create a new operation from the calendar, the frequency will be “Only once”, by default.

Corrections :

  • The “+X more” in the calendar. When you have more than 3 operations on a particular date, the calendar display “+X more”, sometimes it did not display the text “+X more” until you clicked on the date.
  • The operation was not displayed in the calendar when there were a “NULL (empty)” in an amount when you chose the frequency “Sometimes”.
  • It was not possible to delete an account when the initial balance adjustment was modified.
  • The printout from the analysis did not display the amount correctly when there were 6 digits before the point.

Update number : 001

Date : 2018-03-20

Please follow this procedure to install the update on a PC (here is a video explaining the process):                             Mac update, follow this link

1 – Open Budget Express in administrator mode (if it’s not possible you can still do the update, it will only take more time). Right click on the Budget Express icon (from your desktop or from its directory) and click on “Run as administrator”. You can also right click on the icon, click on “Properties” and in the “compatibility” tab click on “Run as administrator”, that ay it will always run as administrator and you won’t have to do this step again in the future update.

2 – Open Budget Express, click on the round button in the top right, and click on update.

3 – Click on verify for update. The update will start. In the case you did not open Budget Express as an administrator, Windows will ask that you accept running every script, answer yes.

4 – When the update is finished, close Budget Express.

5 – Click on that link  to download the script you will need to run afterwards. This part of the update will only have to be done for this particular update, you won’t need to do this anymore in future update.

6 – Open the zip file you downloaded and click on the file script-0.0.2018022401.bat. Allow Windows to run the script (Windows protected your PC/More info).

The execution will be done in a flash (less than one second).

7 – You can now open budget Express again, it will be updated.



For those who bought Budget Express prior to February 15:

  • In an operation, when you used the frequency “month” and enter more than 1 in “Every” , it still showed the operation every month.

  • The software did not consider the end date when using the “month2 in frequency.

  • Corrected the installation problem with Windows OS 32 bits
  • Corrected the update process between version
  • Change the label for the Income category from “Loan” to “Miscelaneous Income.”
  • Correction in the calendar’s display when the description from an operation had line break in the description.
  • Corrected the displayed balance with cents after doing a balance adjustment


For those who bought Budget Express after February 15:

  • Correction in the calendar’s display when the description from an operation had line break in the description.
  • Corrected the displayed balance with cents after doing a balance adjustment
  • Corrected the update process

New functionalities

Saving the budget database file.

The save database file process will have three specific functions. Two of the three functions will be delivered in this update.

1 – Everytime you open Budget Express, a backup database file will be created in the database file folder. This file will be called database.bck. Every time you open Budget Express, this file will delete the old file and create the new one. This functions had to be done to prevent database corruption when the software is open and your computer is closed (computer or electricity failure).

(Win: C: Users\AppData\Roaming\BudgetExpress\data\, MacContents\Resources\data\.)

2 – You will now be able to save your database file wherever you want, on a USB key or in the cloud (Google Drive, One drive Dropbox, etc.). The saved file is done within a particular budget and can only be retrieved within this same budget. This process is available from the profile page when you click on a particular budget.


3 – This next function will be developed shortly. The import/Export database file function will let users works on the same budget from more than one computer as well as serve as a backup file.