News About Our Projects

The new Budget Express is now available. The personal finance software has a brand-new look, more modern and user-friendly. Budget Express had to be redone completely, the coding used for the latest versions is now obsolete. That’s why the new Budget Express is not a continuity or a copy of version 4. We continue to offer some of the functionalities you love like the calendar, the wizard to create your budget and the bank reconciliation using your bank and credit card files.

For the users who were used to the older versions of Budget Express, they should try the new software. The trial version lets you enter as many as five entries for each operation type (expense, income, accounts, etc.). All the features of the complete version are available to let you see how the new Budget Express works.

You will have access to the online help and many videos on our blog and from our band new YouTube channel.

Having a brand-new software will give us the opportunity to update Budget Express regularly with new functionalities, free of charge (we already had 2 updates). Those updates will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, Budget Express’s newsletter and on our blog.

The software is now available for 29.99$.

Version 4 will continue to be working even if you install the new Budget Express, they’re two separate entities now that we remade the software from scratch. Support for version 4 will continue until January 31, 2019. No update will be done for this version in the future.

There will be more projects for Budget Express in the years to come. We should begin working on the “cloud” version of Budget Express this year. The “cloud” version will help users to deploy Budget Express from any device (tablet, phone, computer, etc.). Then we should develop specialize app for IOS and Android phone. More to come …